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Discover Wapiri’s Way

By May 10, 2021July 21st, 2021No Comments

Wapiri’s Way, the popular and inspiring South African children’s novella, created especially for Cub Club subscribers, is now available on the Cub Club learning platform as an e-book and audiobook. Reading or listening to Wapiri’s Way will enhance the child’s Cub Club experience, as they get to know the little wolf cub, Wapiri, and learn more about her fun adventures in the fantastical world of Anloria.


More about the book:

Wapiri’s Way is a fable about values and choices for the young and the young at heart. Embark on an adventure with the little wolf cub Wapiri as her wise uncle, Wulume, teaches her about the Power of Choice and about values such as Courage, Conviction and accepting responsibility for the Consequences of one’s actions. Join Wapiri as she learns what it means to be a Warrior Wolf!



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