About Us

About us

Cub Club was created as an online educational aid for parents, teachers and learners to enhance the learner’s academic performance at the primary school level.

Cub Club provides the child with a top-quality, fresh and focused learning plan specific to their grade. It enhances their positive experience of the existing annual academic curriculum with lessons aimed at learning through enjoyment, creativity and self-development.

Enjoy the original, culturally and age-appropriate content of Cub Club, including the electronic and audiobook Wapiri’s Way. This fantastical South African fable follows the adventures of a young African wolf cub  Wapiri, and her wise uncle Wulume, as she embarks on a journey of learning and self-discovery.

Enjoy the South African literature, beautiful animation, energetic videos, catchy songs, fun games, exercises and interactive worksheets included in the Cub Club lessons. Included are exciting rewards and printable certificates to celebrate achievements.

Lessons are personally assessed by a qualified primary school teacher and each subscriber receives an individual progress report. A Cub Club coach is also just a click away for personal assistance and guidance.

You can follow us on social media for additional fun activities and bonus information or to share your Cub Club experience with the Cub Club community.

With Cub Club your child’s future is assured and is sure to burn brightly. By subscribing, you have ignited their fire!

Our vision

Cub Club is an interactive learning tool in the form of an online subscription course aimed at primary school learners. Its aim is to make education accessible and enjoyable for all children in South Africa. Within Cub Club, children will be exposed to various lessons and activities in school subjects aligned with the South African National Department of Basic Education’s CAPS curriculum that will boost their results.

With English as the medium of instruction, the course is specifically beneficial to learners who are not first-language English speakers, through improving their language ability and reading, writing and listening skills.

Lessons include themes of self-improvement and life-skills development, and incorporate locally sourced and created reading, audio and visual material relating to the landscape of the South African child. Cub Club aims to boost children’s confidence, creativity and positive sense of identity, resulting in assertive, mindful and passionate young South African learners.

Our methodology

Cub Club’s current focus is on Grade 4 learners. Why Grade 4 learners?

Grade 4 is an integral year in a child’s life as it is their first year in the Intermediate School Phase (grades 4–6), in preparation for their Senior Phase (grades 7–9).

According to PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study), an international comparative assessment that measures student learning in reading at Grade 4 level,  it was reported in 2016 that South Africa faces many challenges when developing reading literacy at Grade 4 level. South Africa participated at a national level, and Grade 4 samples were drawn to represent all 11 languages and the nine provinces. Some challenges include many second-language learners under-performing and boys having significantly lower reading literacy achievement when compared with girls.

It is therefore imperative that every child in Grade 4 is equipped with a solid academic foundation in order to prepare them for the workload and requirements of the senior grades that lie ahead.

As Cub Club is fully aligned with the requirements of the South African National Department of Basic Education’s CAPS curriculum, it also acts as an aid for educators. It enables teachers to concentrate on completing their daily classroom tasks, whilst the learners are allocated time to complete their school subject lessons online.

By completing the Cub Club course, learners are given a fair opportunity to complete Grade 4 successfully.